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Below are the organizations where the 2012 Stay Awake A Thon money will be donated to.

Hudson Valley Hospital Cancer Center: Our new center will offer doctors’ offices, treatment areas for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Testing areas dedicated to early detection, screening and prevention. Pain and symptom clinics. A breast-cancer boutique.
            The center will include medical staff who are experts in their field as well as staff advocates who will walk patients and their families through each phase of treatment; experts on physical and psychological rehabilitation; and counselors in education, support and bereavement.
            Our staff in different areas work together as collaborative medical teams. The coordinated approach envisioned for The Center is aimed at conserving patients’ energy, and making their lives a little easier.
            The Center is powered by state-of-the-art technology. The technology offers new tools that will help integrate care and support a lifetime medical record. New software programs give medical staff “power charts” that move across both inpatient and outpatient treatment areas and manage chemotherapy treatment and protocols, clinical documentation and medication administration.

Happiness is Camping: Happiness Is Camping is a very special family of children who share an illness. Because this serious bonds exists, there is a deep understanding among the campers. No child will be stared at here because of a missing limb or lack of hair. All the campers have survived similar experiences and are eager to assist one another, to ease any visible discomfort with ready friendship and supportive smiles.
            Our staff of counselors and doctors, nurses and volunteers are a part of this special family, and the health and welfare of each child is paramount to them. You can be sure, however, that your child won't be treated as a sick kid - he or she will be treated like a kid. And that's what makes this camp so wonderful; it's just that - a camp for kids.

 Maria Fareri Childrens Hospital: The mission of Maria Fareri Children's Hospital is to set the standard for family-centered, compassionate care in a unique state-of-the-art environment that attracts outstanding physicians and staff, and which promotes healing, wellness and knowledge to all children and their families. We are advocates for children's health and wellness and actively promote health education and activities within both the hospital and the community at large.                  Our goal at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at Westchester Medical Center is to make all children healthy and happy. Every day, our dedicated staff of physicians, nurses, allied health practitioners, technologists and others helps us to attain that goal by providing advanced life-saving care to more than one million children in the Hudson Valley region

    The Kathleen F. Marks Memorial Foundation: The Kathleen F. Marks Memorial Foundation is a local charity whose mission is to fundraise for cancer research & hosting fundraiser’s for cancer patients in financial need, hosting fundraising events to benefit areas of cancer research that are in need of funding.  Research is the key to unlocking a breakthrough and hopefully a cure!  We HATE all cancer equally and will contribute our funding to research of ANY type without discrimination.  Financial Hardships are common in most households in today’s society without adding the extra financial strain of the cost of treatment. We know all too well how hard Life can be for a family of a patient, and the patient as well! Stress simply adds more strain on your body and mind, and if you are a patient, added strain will not help you heal!
We want to help lessen the financial strain on patients!