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2. Click on Become A Fundraiser.

3. You will need to create an Active.com account.  Click No to create your username and password. If you already have an Active.com account, type your username and password. 

4. To Create Your Fundraising Web Page, type your Title and Create your web address. Click to continue at the bottom of the page.

5. Customize Your Fundraising Web Page. Fundraising Page Details:

 A. Fundraising Page:                                                                                                      

a) Title
b) Tagline
c) Welcome Message
d) Create your web addressils   

B. How to add an image:                                                                                              

  Click Upload Images to browse images on your computer. Click Upload once you have selected your image.         

C.  Set a Goal – Setting a goal allows your supporters to have a sense of ownership with each contribution.   

D. Display Options – Click the display formats you want for your web page.

  6. Change Layout Design shows you a screenshot of each web page layout option. Click the radio button above the screenshot that best matches your web page needs and preferences.     

7. Set Campaign Color :gives you complete control over the colors and fonts shown on your campaign page. Select a color tile and the palette                                              

a) Color Schemes:  Already prepared color themes for your whole web page.  ii.     Preview:  A real time preview of your modifications, but the updates will not be permanent until you save the changes.

Preview and save.

If you have any questions please feel free to email henhudleos@optonline.net